Antique Desktop Triple Folding Screen


Dimensions:: 120x180cm
Sale price€106


Folding screens originated in China as an artistic way of displaying large paintings, but were adopted in Europe to provide privacy in ladies' bedrooms. Nowadays our versatile room dividers have a more practical role as they provide an easy solution to so many household problems. They provide a clever and convenient solution for delineating and structuring your space and are particularly well suited to large or open-plan living spaces, modern loft apartments and studios. And, of course, they are ideal for hiding all those things we all have in our rooms (everyday clutter, kids' toys or works in progress) that we don't want others to see. Or sometimes we just want to screen off a more intimate, private space within a larger room to escape distraction, relax or read in peace. Our screens also continue the aesthetic, decorative tradition established in ancient China. As a large, tasteful canvas, they provide a chic focal point within your room, providing an area of interest to quickly update your room, acting as a backdrop for a favourite piece of furniture and adding depth and dimension to your own space. This 3-panel room screen, or partition, is made of a wooden frame covered with high quality polyester canvas which has been printed with two alternative images – one on each side of the screen. They are hinged so that they can be adjusted to best suit your space or easily stored away when not needed.

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