“Bookshelf” Gift Boxes Set/6


Dimensions:: 36x28x16cm
Sale price€48


These “Bookshelf” boxes feature a retro design of traditional bookcases full of antique books by famous authors – a showcase of learning to compliment your learned and cultural interests. They are supplied as a set of 6 boxes that nest inside each other for compact storage and give you a wide choice of sizes for ultimate versatility. Our book boxes are very functional and can be used throughout the home or office to store your treasures or organize clutter yet they are also attractive decorative items that you will want to display on a table or bookcase. They make a great gift for yourself but also add a sense of a special occasion and style when you use them as an unusual presentation box to give someone else a special present. Our book gift boxes really offer a very affordable way of making your gifts look better - and will even be appreciated by the recipient as a gift in their own right.

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