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Specifications: 3RR-2RR-1R
Sale price€1,565


Sink into the traditionally styled Kinsale Reclining Sofa, warm fabric were it counts with complimenting trim on the back, sides and foot rest aid to give it the longevity it deserves.  


The Kinsale Reclining Sofa Suite is available to order in two tone grey colour shown here.


With prices starting at €349.00, the specifications are listed above. Choose your own specification or buy each piece individually. 




3RR - W 215 x D 94 x H 106 cm
2RR - W 157 x D 94 x H 106 cm
1R Armchair - W 97 x D 94 x H 106 cm


All Kinsale items available to order in any desired combination/quantity.

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