Time Traveller Trunks Set/2 28x16x21cm


Dimensions:: 28x16x21cm
Sale price€38


These arched-top treasure chests are reminiscent of "Olde Worlde" chests from bygone days. They feature solid wood construction, PU leather covering and hinged lids with brass drop handles and clasps. In line with the “Time Traveller” theme, the decoration is a partial skeletal clock face on an "Olde Worlde" map. They are supplied as a set of 2 and the small one can nest inside the larger one for easy storage. Do you have your family treasures stashed away in cupboards, or hopelessly scattered around the house? These well-built boxes will help you organize them all - keeping everything together and handy where it can be found easily. They are ideal treasure chests for your family treasure trove, including your jewellery, loose change and gold coins - do you prefer solid or chocolate ones?). Also useful as storage boxes for, knick-knacks, trinkets or sewing kits. These handsome treasure chests will look equally great on your coffee table, book shelf, kitchen counter or bedside table.

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